Ops core Fast Base Jump

Iv had a few people ask me about my ops core again…..

I purchased my ops core about 2 years ago here in the UK from a registered dealer called Level Peaks. They can be found here -


Here are the specs from ops core-

Base Jump helmet is the same design as the Ballistic and Carbon FAST helmets but with a polycarbonate shell and molded front NVG mount. Great for training, search and rescue, climbing, and other outdoor activities. It offers all the benefits and features of FAST helmets at a lower cost, comparable to other recreational sport helmets
- Integrated military style Head-Loc chinstrap
- Lightweight, multi-impact, ventilated liner with repositionable EPP impact pads and LDV closed-cell comfort foam that is not affected by temperature, altitude, or moisture
- 1/2” and 3/4” EPP pads come with the helmet
- Occ-Dial adjustable fitband with replaceable leather front, nape, and side pads quickly detaches to allow convenient donning and doffing of COMMs headsets with internal top headbands
- FAST-ARCs - 4 Position Accessory Rail Connectors: non-snag attachment points for quick yet secure donning or doffing of headborne accessories, including lights, cameras, goggles, COMMs, mandibles, etc
- Molded-in front mount to attach lights, cameras and NVG brackets
- Bungees for NVG stability
- Side Velcro loop for patches and illuminators
- Includes a Picatinny Adapter and Wing-Loc Adapter for the side rail and Universal Adapter for the front mount

If you are going to purchase an ops core I’d urge you to get one either from ops core directly, or from a registered dealer. Unfortunately like all great gear there have been many cheap imported copies made so be sure you check before you buy.
Oh and be prepared to spend a fair amount as they are not cheap. Not as light as some climbing helmets I use, however the ability to mount various lights and a go pro are a nice touch.

Stay Safe,


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