Ready set go……

Getting prepped to carry out a 120ft abseil into a more isolated location to spend the night.

Taken a few weeks ago I can be seen wearing -

TAD Stealth Hoodie in UE Grey - this has to be the best softshell I have ever owned. Iv worn it on everything from early morning hikes to ice climbing and the worst wet weather the UK can throw at me! This was also used extensively as my SAR jacket before I passed my probationary period. Certainly is worth every penny!

Mechanix Mpact gloves Gen 1 - these gloves have seen some heavy use. They started there life with me whilst out in Afghanistan, since then they have rappelled 1000’s of feet of rope, hiked mountains with me and are now my general use and rope gloves for SAR after a few years they will soon need replacing.

Ops Core FAST Bump Helmet - purchased around 2 years ago from a company called level peaks. This helmet has been perfect for everything from climbing, ice climbing, abseiling and river walks. Tomorrow it will be used under ground offers supreme head protection. It also offers the perfect mounting option for my Go Pro and hands free lighting from INFORCE and S&S Precision.

Original Gear Whores Anonymous patch - Purchased from GWA only a limited number were made.

GLINT/GLOW markers from - The markers have been 12 months of hard work and real world testing with various tapes, shapes and materials. These have been to all the different types of environments I have been in from under water, on land, underground and in all weather conditions. They have also had extensive use during SAR training and live jobs and have proved a hugely valuable personal marking system. Soon to be tested even further with the development of some new materials, in the never ending search for that perfect all round solution for personnel marking.

I put a lot of time in to everything I do. I truly believe that to have an honest opinion on what I believe works best, it has to be used for a long period of time in all weathers and various locations.

To all my new followers thank you for taking an interest in what I do, your support and interest is greatly appreciated!

Stay Safe,


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