Valley deep mountain high


Military service……

I was asked if I had any pics from my military career so here I am.

Taken back in 2009 whilst in Afghanistan where I served as EOD as part of the Royal Engineers.

A great career and some fantastic practical and life skills were gained.

Also this is where the inspiration for the Glint / Glow markers came from. You can see on my sleeves a strip of SOLAS tape and IR which was simply stuck to Velcro. These performed great for low light/no light personnel marking. How ever I wanted to develop this idea for the outdoor and SAR market as well as for the military. The development of led marking systems are great with the likes of APALS and the vlite from S&S precision, but I still felt there was a need for non battery operated illuminating and marking means. I approached a good friend Ru from and we started to work together.

Thus the Glint/Glow and CyFlect markers were born…..

Stay safe,